Tenant Screening Frequently Asked Questions

What is ApplyConnect?

AIC partners with ApplyConnect for tenant screening.  ApplyConnect is the easiest and most secure way for landlords and renters to share a consumer credit, eviction and criminal report for the purposes of screening a rental applicant.

How do I set up an account?

By joining AIC Premium your ApplyConnect account will automatically be set up for you, followed by verifying your identity with Experian.  AIC Free Members can set up their FREE tenant screening account by clicking here

Why do I have to provide my social security number?

In order to be given instant access to consumer credit reports ApplyConnect must first verify your identity for security reasons. This process is done through a completely secure connection, and the information is cross referenced with your personal account information on file with Experian®.

Will verifying my identity affect my credit score?

No. While information appearing on your credit report will be used to assist in verifying your identity this process does not register as an inquiry on your credit profile.

How much do reports cost?

Reports are free for landlords! As is common during the rental process the applicant (renter) is responsible for fees incurred in order to rent a property. Once a report has been requested it becomes the applicant’s responsibility to purchase the report for $28.50 before allowing the landlord to view it.

Can my report be shared with more than one landlord?

Yes, however for each report that is shared there will be an additional cost to the applicant of $28.50. Each uniquely shared report will also retain a record showing who the landlord is, and what property is being applied for.

How long does it take to get a report?

Reports process in a matter of seconds! Once the applicant has paid for the report, the renter views their report online and it is shared instantly with the landlord or agent. An email is automatically sent to the landlord/agent that the report is ready. The landlord/agent will be able to view it from their dashboard.

Does my account expire?

No. Your account will only require you to verify your identity using questions obtained from your credit profile every 90 days or up to one year if you are a frequent ApplyConnect user.

Can a report be pulled on someone without a SSN?

ApplyConnect requires a SSN in order to authenticate their identity and access their credit report.

What if I have placed a freeze on my credit profile?

You will likely need to temporarily remove the freeze from your credit profile with Experian for a minimum of 7 days in order to successfully verify your identity. Visit https://www.experian.com/consumer/cac/InvalidateSession.do?code=THAW to request a temporary removal. Please note that you will need to have the Security Freeze PIN that Experian initially had sent to you in order to complete the request.

What is included on a credit report?

An Experian® credit report includes a 24 month graph of payment history, positive and negative tradelines, public records including bankruptcies and tax liens, and accounts that have been written off to collection companies.

What is an Experian® VantageScore®?

VantageScore® 3.0 is a credit score that was developed by the three national credit reporting companies (CRCs) — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. The score ranges from 300-850 with a higher score representing less risk to the landlord.

What will a nationwide eviction history tell me?

The nationwide eviction history searches a database of 36+ million records including both judgments and filings. The report shows if an applicant has a history of not paying rent, violating a lease, disrupting the community, or anything else that would require a landlord to take legal action to remove them from the premises.

What is included in a nationwide criminal search?

The nationwide criminal search uses the applicant’s name and date of birth to search through national databases, court and police records, and the sex offender registry to see if they possess a history of criminal activity.

What if the criminal record is not me?

Criminal records are based on name and date of birth (not SSN) and someone with the same personal identifiers with a criminal past may appear. To dispute the inaccuracy, click here.

What if I believe information on my report is inaccurate?

While numerous measures are taken to ensure report accuracy there may occasionally be information that is incorrect. In this case, please click the “Dispute Inaccuracies” tab within the Renter’s dashboard or here and follow the listed steps in order for a consumer relations specialist to assist you.