Should You Enhance Your Rental Property with Smart Security?

Should You Enhance Your Rental Property with Smart Security?

By Olivia Creighton

Technology is always evolving, and it’s an integral part of our daily lives. Phones are glued to our hands, and it seems like everything we do revolves around some sort of screen. Security is no different. As technology progresses, the power to monitor the safety of our homes is put in the palm of our hands. But is smart technology actually safe, or are you just making it easier for people to gain access to your property?

Smart security comes in a variety of forms; from locks to cameras to even doorbells, the ways to protect your property are getting increasingly high tech. While this makes some feel much safer, others wonder if these devices are susceptible to hacking and therefore put them at more risk. But how valid are these concerns?

Smart security measures are largely considered safe. Your average burglar won’t have the slightest clue how to hack your system, nor disable whatever device you’re using as an extra level of protection. In fact, many may be scared off just by the sight of your smart device, whether it be a camera, window sensor, or lock. Many of these devices can even alert you to suspicious activity, so you’ll know when someone unexpected shows up at your door. This can put tenants at ease, as they know that this technology will act as an alert should something be out of the norm.

However, you play an important role in keeping these devices safe. It’s important to keep an eye out for updates, and take care of them promptly. Be sure to use strong passwords, and change them every three months or so. This also includes having a strong password for your WIFI, which stops others from accessing the information and devices on your network. Should the device be battery powered, make a note to change them before the device is rendered powerless.

There’s also a question of cost. Outfitting your property with smart tech may make your tenants feel much safer, but that does come at a price. In order to combat the cost of this technology, build the expected cost of the various devices into your rent. By slightly increasing what you would normally charge for rent, you can easily cover the cost of smart tech. Not only does this technology act as an incentive for some applicants, but also makes many feel safer. These types of devices can be especially helpful if your property isn’t in the greatest area, as this extra security can make applicants feel more protected and even incentivize more people to apply. It also acts as a deterrent to criminals, possibly saving yourself from potential property damage.

As smart tech becomes a part of daily life, many wonder whether or not they should conform to this new trend. Smart security allows you and the tenant to always know that your property is secure, and lets both of you to rest easy. As long as you keep on top of updates and limit access to device controls, this technology acts as an additional level of protection for your property and those in it.

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